Dr. Alvaro Saieh Bendeck, PhD is a successful Chilean entrepreneur of Palestinian descent. He earned a BA in Business and Administration from Universidad de Santiago de Chile and an MA from the University of Chicago. Dr. Bendeck earned his PhD in Economics from the University of Chicago in 1973.

He first made his mark in the financial sector. Dr. Bendeck was head of the former Banco Osorno and did outstanding work before it was sold to Banco Santander. For six years he was in charge of AFP Provida, a pension fund before he sold his 40 percent ownership to BBVA Group in 1999.

He bought Chile’s Banco Concepcion in 1995 and was its foundation for building Corpbanca where he holds 53 percent ownership. Dr. Bendeck added the Colombian unit of Banco Santander into Corpbanca in 2012.  He is also in the insurance industry with majority interest in Corpseguros and Corpvida.

Just as impressive is his holding in the real estate sector. Dr. Bendeck is the owner of the Grand Hyatt Santiago, The Four Seasons Buenos Aires and the Four Seasons Carmelo.

Dr. Bendeck’s interest includes the media sector. He is the owner of La Tercera, the second largest daily paper in Chile. Dr. Bendeck also owns magazines and a number of radio stations.

He interest extends to the retail sector with his retail unit SMU owning leading Chile supermarket chain Unimark, along with 32 shopping centers and seven shopping malls.

Throughout his life he has maintained a close connection with the University of Chile. He was the Dean of the School of Economics and Business from 1979 to 1980 and Provost from 1980 to 1981. Other positions include being the Chairman of the Academic Evaluation Committee of the School of Economics and Business. He was awarded the title of Professor Emeritus by the University of Chile in 2005 in honor of his 35 years of commitment to the University.  Dr. Bendeck is the author of numerous financial and economic publications.

In the real and the academic world Dr. Bendeck has shown that his is comfortable with both and has contributed significantly to both worlds.