Many business leaders are the do it alone types who made it big running the show. It has its advantages as a person can do things his own way without having to consult someone else. There are also those that have become very successful working with a partner.

Having a partner also has its advantages. For one the partner can pool their strengths and have a successful business. One partner may also be strong in one area and weak in another where the other partner may also be strong. Whatever the case there is strength in numbers and two can be sufficient to produce successful outcomes.

God Nisanov has become very successful (to the point of becoming a billionaire) working with a partner. He originally came from Azerbaijan and has a diploma from the Baku Institute of Law. He moved to Moscow which signaled the beginning of his real estate empire in partnership with Zarakh Iliev.  The two started modestly first creating shopping markets near metro stations, turning them into shopping complexes.

Today the partners own several large shopping centers in the outskirts of Moscow. They also own the Radisson Royal Ukraine Hotel, European Shopping Center and Radisson SAS Slavyanskaya Hotel in Moscow. The duo’s real estate projects total almost 10.8 million square feet.

For God Nisanov and his partner two heads are certainly better than one.