Micky Jagtiani did not come from wealthy family. His father was an Indian immigrant who transferred his family to Kuwait. Mickey’s father scraped up enough money to send him to an accounting school in London when he was 17. There Mickey failed several exams and later dropped out.  He was also drinking and smoking heavily.

Micky supported himself by cleaning cheap hotel rooms and driving a taxi. Later he could barely afford even to drive the taxi. Low on funds he returned to join his family in the Persian Gulf in 1972. Things turned for the worse. His older brother died of leukemia within months. His diabetic father soon died after and his mother died of cancer the following year.

With his entire family wiped out, Micky felt a strong urge to return to India but felt a stronger obligation to take over the retail space in Bahrain rented by his brother before he got sick. With $6,000 left from his family he opened the store called Babyshop which had clothes, strollers, bottles, and other gears.

Today his company Landmark Group, which is based in Dubai, operates in 19 countries mostly in the Middle East as well as India, Pakistan, China and Spain.  It has 20 million sq. ft. of retail space and employs over 40,000 people. Landmark has more than 20 home grown brands and over 30 franchise brands.

Despite being a billionaire Micky leads a very simple life. He owns one car and has sponsored thousands of scholarships for India youths. The once troubled son has done very well.