Murat Ulker is the chairman of Yildiz Holding which holds the distinction of being the largest food producer in Turkey.  The company produces a wide range of products including chocolate, biscuits, baby food, milk and packaging. Other businesses the group is into are finance, real estate, personal grooming, and whole sale commerce.

Ulker did not found this company it was his father who built the company up. The younger Ulker has not be a disappointment. Under his leadership the group’s largest publicly traded company Ulker Biscuits streamed line its operations in 2013 and the market responded with a stunning 100 percent increase in the company’s stock price.

His father Sabri Ulker, died in June 2012. Murat Ulker had already been running the show long before his father died.  He has been the Chairman of the Executive Board of Ulker Group since 2000. Ulker has also served as Chief Executive Officer of Ulker Buskuvi Sanayi Anonim Sirketi (Ulker Biskuvi A.S.).

Ulker was not simply thrust into high position in what is essentially an oversized family enterprise. He was in the exportation sector in the Middle East for around two years and did reviews in approximately 60 factories and facilities in the biscuit-chocolate-food sector. Ulker has held many positions in the Ulker Group including as the General Manager, as the Deputy General Manager for Operations and as the Control Coordinator.

Ulker graduated from the Business Administration Department of the Administrative Science Faculty at Bogazici University. He started his career in 1982 taking part in a number of professional training courses overseas. Upon completion, Ulker interned at Continental Baking in the US gaining foreign exposure in the industry.

Outside of business Ulker has been a patron of Turkish art. He bought the most expensive painting by a living Turkish painter a few years back. Ulker has also sponsored art exhibits in Turkey.

Ulker has successfully ran the company his father founded and has managed to take it to greater heights.