You’ve heard of shipping tycoons and manufacturing tycoons but a touring tycoon? Well, that’s what Sergio Mantegazza is. To understand this we have to go back a bit in time.

His father, Antonio Mantegazza started it all in 1928. Antonio used his rowboat to haul commercial items across Lake Lugano in Switzerland. During these frequent trips he was dreaming up of a different venture which was in the field of tourism.  He eventually acquired a motor coach to transport tourists around the Lake Lugano area in southern Switzerland. He then had a fleet of 12 motor coaches providing local tours for European tourists in Switzerland. He named his new enterprise Globus Viaggi.

The business grew and over the years it acquired more coaches and the tours went beyond Switzerland and included places like Venice, Rome, the Dolomites and French Riviera. Globus started the concept of Grand European Touring by offering first-class European tours to North America.

The company went into branding by introducing the Cosmos brand which was for cost-conscious British tourists.  With its success Cosmos next introduced air holiday packages for British tourist to warm southern European destinations. It became so successful that the company formed its own airlines, Monarch Airlines.

Sergio Mantegazza prominently came into the picture in 1974 when he began running the company. Brand expansion took place beyond Great Britain. More countries were added in the touring packages; including places in Africa, Australia, North and South America, South East Asia and South Pacific.

Under Sergio’s leadership further expansions took place. Avalon Waterways was launched in 2003 which was into small ship cruising. The same year Monograms was also established which offers tourists independent travel opportunities with behind-the-scenes experts taking care of vacation details.

Sergio now oversees a travel empire comprising over 30 tourism and aviation businesses employing over 5,000 people. His firm’s vacation offering features almost 10,000 departures and around 300 different itineraries that covers over 65 countries on six continents.  His Monarch Airlines has also been expanding routes and experiencing increased revenue.

This is why Sergio Mantegazza is a touring tycoon.