Many people have never heard of Takemitsu Takizaki. The most information published about him is that he is married and education consisted of a high school degree. Takizaki is a Japanese businessman and he founded the company Keyence in 1974.

Keyence is now a publicly traded company with headquarters in Osaka, Japan. Keyence is categorized as fabless (fabrication-less). Its focus is on product planning and development. The final products are subcontracted to qualified manufacturing companies around the world.

The company Takizaki founded produces sensors, measurement systems, machine vision, laser markers as well as digital microscopes. While the sensors and measurement systems may not be interesting or of use to the common person they are of great importance in the field of automation.

Much of today’s manufacturing rely on automation and in order to see if all the parts are in place and everything is function properly there must be sensors, measurement systems and laser markers that companies like Keyence produces. Without these kinds of equipment the level of automation would not be where it is today.

Keyence is known for having a deep pool of technology patents from its investment in R&D. Takizaki can keep a talented pool of employees since his company is also known for having good compensation. The average annual wage for all full-time employees was $117,348.00 as of March 2007. Just to keep things in perspective at the company’s headquarters there are displays of fossils of long-dead creatures; just a tacit reminder to employees that if they don’t aim high they might wind up as fossils.